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James Bell

Server fails to start (OSX 10.8.5 Synergy 1.72) with SSL

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Server fails to start (OSX 10.8.5 Synergy 1.72) with "Use SSL encryption" tick box enabled in server preferences. De-selecting the tick box allows server to start. Synergy Server Log: NOTE: starting server NOTE: command: /Applications/ -f --no-tray --debug DEBUG2 --name Jamess-Mac-mini.local --enable-drag-drop --enable-crypto -c /var/folders/4k/ryj4043n0y35fvlkfdhhhzh40000gn/T/Synergy.L62527 --address :24800 NOTE: config file: /var/folders/4k/ryj4043n0y35fvlkfdhhhzh40000gn/T/Synergy.J62527 NOTE: log level: DEBUG2 INFO: drag and drop enabled DEBUG: opening configuration "/var/folders/4k/ryj4043n0y35fvlkfdhhhzh40000gn/T/Synergy.L62527" DEBUG: configuration read successfully DEBUG1: thread 0x00000002 entry DEBUG: plugins dir: /Users/jamesbell/Library/Synergy/Plugins DEBUG: loading plugin: libns.dylib DEBUG: loaded plugin: libns.dylib DEBUG1: starting server DEBUG1: registered event type shapeChanged as 4 DEBUG: screen shape: center=-1280,0 size=3200x1080 on 2 displays DEBUG1: registered event type confirmSleep as 5 DEBUG: starting watchSystemPowerThread DEBUG: adopting new buffer DEBUG: opened display DEBUG1: registered event type error as 6 DEBUG1: registered event type suspend as 7 DEBUG1: registered event type resume as 8 DEBUG1: creating primary screen DEBUG1: thread 0x00000003 entry

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