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Jeff C

Multiple Server IPs, one that is not mine

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I upgraded to the latest release (1.8.6) today and started it up as usual. I now notice that there are 2 IPs listed as my servers IP. Please see attached screenshot. The 192.x address is my internal IP, but 169.x is not, and resolves to a whole different country from my location. Because of this I stopped sharing and closed out the app.


Since I never noticed this until now I wanted to ask the forum if they know what this is and why it is there.


I am always very careful with my computer use / virus protection / what is running and installed. So if this is something that is just part of the application and has always been there... well I can not see that being the case.


Thank you in advance.


** UPDATE **


The issue I reported here was a mistake on my end... I fat fingered the IP when initially searching. I can now confirm the second IP address listed is that of a business in which I had installed Synergy 1 time and never used. But I still have questions..


- How am I seeing 2 IPs? Are they associated to your account?


- That second IP is the external IP of the business network and not the internal IP that is used by that computer. Why would that external IP have been saved/stored?


- Is there a way to remove them? Maybe just a configuration file that can be edited?


I will assume there is a logical answer here. Since I never started up my home computer on that 169.x network I would just like to know how I am seeing it on my home computer.


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Also, the visible logs in the screenshot show that ASUS-STEALTH is trying to connect, connecting, and disconnecting. I am having trouble on my remote computer actually establishing a connection but I want to better understand the second IP before trying to address any connection issues.

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