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Justin Ashworth

Multiple-Multiple Monitor Displays

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Justin Ashworth

I am trying to see if I can improve my syerngy config, and unfortunately, I don't believe my setup is "normal", but I hope someone has experienced a similar issue and can assist.


First, here is my existing synergy layout:


Computer 1 is Server (Windows 10)

Computer 2 and 3 are Clients (2 is Ubuntu 16.04, 3 is Windows 10)


Here is how my desktop really is:



Proof that I'm not just inventing some insane configuration issue:



I was hoping that I could configure Synergy like Exhibit A: and allow transitions from 1 to 3 from the rightmost 1 monitor, and the same for 1 to 3. Anyone experienced this and know what I can do to improve my setup? I think I could do Corners, I'm just not 100% sure how to set that up, so any assistance would be appreciated.


Just to better explain why this is an issue. If at anypoint on 1, i go "down", it goes to the left most monitor of 2. Then to travel to 3, I need to traverse all of 2.

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