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Tim Ballard

Can't get to work or find any options for side scrolling

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Tim Ballard

So I bought synergy last year and gave up on using it because it wouldnt't work with full screen game I was trying to use it with on 2 different pc's and didn't want to have to run windowed. Well I just reinstalled the latest version and set it up and got it working except for one thing. Basically I don't want the mouse to switch to the next pc / monitor at the edge of the screen. The only way I have found to do this is to lock the mouse to current screen and use hotkeys to go from screen to screen. It works except when I come to the left or right edge of a screen and then keep going left or right it should pan the camera in game accordingly but this does not happen. Instead if I'm on the right edge and keep trying to pan right it will just stop and not pan right any more. I can pan back left but then when I hit the left edge same thing happens, so essentially I can only do like 180 degreen spins and never do a 360 / look behind me. Is there any way to disable the mouse from jumping between screens at the edges besdies locking mouse to current monitor and make the mouse work like it should at the edges of the screen as if I hit the right edge and keep going right the camera will continue to pan right.


The mouse does work this way how it should on the main server pc. It will just not work like this on the other pc's / screens. If any one knows how to make this work or if it is not possible if devs can work it out in a future version much appreciated. I would then be able to recommend it to others but as it stands I can only properly pan the camera left and right beyond the edge of the screen on the main screen so it is useless on the secondary screens as this is something you need to be able to do rather constantly for it to be effective.




*edit note* fixed typo in title.

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