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Bradyn Claycomb

Freeze After Pointer Moves Off Screen On Login

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Bradyn Claycomb



Hopefully someone can help me out here.


Here's the issue, My windows 7 machine has 2 screens already, and I use synergy with my laptop to the left of those screens. My windows 7 machine will also force you to re-enter the login password after sleep. (Obviously this is a security measure I would like to keep intact) What happens is to wake up my desktop from sleep I kinda do a 'muscle memory' jiggle of the mouse, and if the pointer happens to be on the left screen, I will often attempt to move off the screen to control the laptop on the left. This is the intention, however it seems like synergy has an issue with this because it will grab the pointer as soon as it hits the edge, and then keep it there, unable to move. Not only this, but it also will not move control over to the laptop, figuratively "freezing" the entire desktop. When this happens, I cannot regain control over my mouse pointer, and I cannot use my keyboard to navigate either. The only way to 'solve' the problem is to hard reset the desktop, which sucks because sometimes there are programs open that I need.


Has anyone else ran into this issue?

Does anyone know how to solve it without removing my login screen (or changing my habits lol)


To recreate this issue, I can do this:


1. Allow host computer to enter sleep mode

2. Wake up host computer and attempt to navigate off-screen

3. Notice that the mouse pointer is now stuck

4. Mash keys on the keyboard in hopes it will do something

5. It doesn't

6. Try not to cry

7. Cry a lot

8. Reboot

9. It works again!

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I'v had issues where the "Client side " grabs the mouse / keyboard and desktop also won't regain control, and the mouse is Lost.


I am able to recover without rebooting though by Stopping / Restarting Synergy on the Client side. (yea I have to use the client mouse / keyboard, but it beats rebooting)


You might want to try that next time it gets lost.


(FYI Using 2 Screens on Desktop / 3 Screens on Laptop)

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Running into this situation between two windows 10 pcs (single monitors).

Apparently it is very common that when you move the mouse to the second screen the mouse gets frozen on the bottom right corner. You can still click but no mouse movement.


Also you can't return to the main pc. You are stuck and have to reset you main pc.


I've tried everything, no ssl, IPs, pc names, x86, x64, elevated etc...

Frankly at this point this product feel amateurish... I've spent soo much time that I have given up and will wait for version two...


It was so good when it worked, but it only worked a couple of times, never on win 10.


Please get your stuff together. The product is a joke :(. and believe me i am trying here.

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Jeffrey Pelletier

I have the exact same issue. Windows PC server, Mac client. If I lock workstation on PC then move the mouse off to the Mac while locked, it gets stuck. Windows is a clean install as of yesterday with not much other than web browsers and Synergy.


I would be happy if Synergy didn't work at all on login/lock screen but don't see any options for that..


For the record:

Windows 10 Pro x64 fully updated (Right, server)

Mac OS X Sierra also fully updated (Left, client)


Any help would be appreciated. I have not yet tried stopping the client and starting again, will next time I get stuck rather than reaching for the reset button...



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I have similar issue. I lock my Windows 10 server, go out for some time and when I come back the mouse doesn't respond or is stuck with the cient. The only way out is to kill the client synergy process on Fedora 19 and then Windows 10 (server) gets back the control of its mouse and keyboard. 

Synergy 1.6.0 (Fedora 19) as client. (synergyc)

Synergy 1.6.2 (Windows 10) as server.

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