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Peter Whalley

pointer skips part of server screen (scaling problem?)

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Peter Whalley

Greetings all,


I am on newest pro release 1.8.6 stable on server and client. I updated in hopes that the update would clear problem but no.


Config is SRV S1 (1680x1050)> C1S2 (1920x1080 >C1S1 (1280x800)

S1 win7 C1 win 10

All screens native display res. No scaling.


Software was working fine till recently and I did't need to fool with config options at all to get to work well enough. I do not know what would have caused issue in terms of os updates etc. I cant say just when it went south because of holiday preps.


The problem is that the pointer departs SRV S1 prematurely about 2/3 of the way across. It immediately shows up on the appropriate edge of C1S2 but if I return to SRV1S1 I do not regain control of pointer on SRV1S1 regardless of how far I return. The program seems to hang. It will after some time return pointer control. If I continue across C1S2 to the edge the pointer transitions to C1S1 as expected but after a short distance wraps back onto C2S2 a short disance and then continues in the commanded direction back onto C2S1 to continue to the edge of that screen normally. During this process the pointer control is laggy and the application from the logs indicates a loss of connection (across a gig wired link with minimal traffic). I tried rearranging screens both horizontally and vertically and get the same behavior.


It seems like some pointer types got changed to smaller ones and that didn't happen consistently or correctly.


Any suggestions?



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