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Jan Makowka

Triple Monitor Server uses wrong screen for mouseover

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Jan Makowka

I have just bought and activated synergy for a pair of Windows 10 devices, one a laptop, the other a desktop with 3 (all different) monitors.


The basic gist of my setup is something like this:


+---------+ +----------+

| Primary | |Secondary|

| Desktop | | Desktop |

+---------+ +---------+

+-------+ +---------+

| Laptop | | Tertiary |

|_______| | Desktop|




My problem is that when I set the laptop underneath the desktop in the server configuration window, I need to mouse over to the tertiary display to go over to the laptop. I'd much prefer if I could go from the main display to the laptop, and vice-versa. If it's possible, it would also be nice to be able to go left/right between the tertiary and laptop screens too, but this is not the most important thing in the world. can anyone help me out? I'm completely new to this and a tad clueless.

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