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keyboard input sometimes ignored for some Java programs

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Before I write support, I wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced problems with keyboard input in Java programs on an OS X client.


Synergy is usually flawless. I only have a problem in two programs running on OS X: Moneydance and SQuirreL SQL. Both of these programs are written in Java. I do *not* have this problem with IntelliJ. The problem manifests itself 100% of the time.


Steps to reproduce (all taken on OS X):


- Open SQuirreL.

- Open any other program causing SQuirreL to go into the background.

- Bring SQuirreL to the foreground by clicking on its window in someplace other than the title bar.

- Keyboard input is then ignored. Mouse input is not.


If SQuirreL is brought into the foreground using cmd-tab or clicking in the title bar, then the problem does not happen.


Server - Windows 10.0.14393

Client - OS X 10.11.6

Synergy (both platforms) - 1.8.6-stable-2ab21aa


Anyone else see this or have any ideas?

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Posted (edited)

Not sure if you are still watching this thread.  i've been having this issue with PyCharm, which is in the IntelliJ family of IDE's.

Your steps to reproduce the issue consistently reproduce the issue for me as well.  Also, I've been able to get the caret (text prompt) back by opening the settings dialog, or other dialog using the mouse, but it is a pain in the butt!

If you happen to read this and you have since solved the problem, could you post your solution here?

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I'm also having this problem in JetBrains WebStorm (from the same company as PyCharm). Same setup as the OP, Windows server and Mac client. This just started for me after I upgraded WebStorm to version 2019.2, but it seems like it's affected other editors for much longer. The cmd+tab workaround is a handy tip at least.

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