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Wiliam Maher

Consider sponsoring CSGO player Shroud

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Wiliam Maher

Hey this is kind of weird and might be coming from the left field,


There is a professional Counter Strike player known as Shroud, he uses Synergy while streaming. He averages about 400k views per month. He is the 33rd most followed and viewed stream on Twitch.



I just noticed, he uses Synergy while streaming, to control his streaming PC and then to go back to his Gaming PC as the server...




Advertising on twitch is common. Other streamers advertise websites and products such as (maybe the less popular) Dazed :


Maybe you should consider approaching him as a way of promoting what Synergy is and does. Perhaps, even release a promotion code so that Shroud's viewers get a percentage off of the product to promote sales. I do know however, Shroud makes enough money as it is and may not be interested, as it may be considered "selling out".


But it's something your sales and advertising team may want to seriously consider looking into, it would be an easy way to reach several hundred thousand people per month. I have no idea what offer Shroud may accept. Maybe $80/month to plug Synergy after every game he plays? A lot of people who watch these streams want to become streamers themselves, and those who actually attempt at doing this by using 2 PC's (1 for gaming 1 for streaming) may not want to use 2 sets of mice and keyboards, and instead would want to SHARE one easily. I am not affiliated with Shroud or anything like that. He makes plenty of money as is, just something to consider.

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