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When restarting the PC, client doesn't react to mouse clicks

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when I restart my host-PC, the client doesn't react to mouse clicks, until I manually click 'apply' in the host-application to restart the connection.


This happens every time, and has happened with all versions during the past few months.


I'm currently running v 1.8.7 stable on both - client and host.


Both PCs are up-to-date Windows 10 PCs, connected via gigabit-ethernet in local LAN - there's only this switch between the two PCs, nothing else: "D-Link DGS-108/E 8-Port Layer2 Gigabit Switch".


SSL-encryption is OFF (on both, the client and host). I have the Pro version (I have bought two licenses), and the pro version is enabled on both, host and client.

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