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Harry Cooper

Mouse/Pointer freezes

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I'm having trouble using the latest version. I have a Windows 7 machine which acts as server. A Ubuntu 14.04 machine is the only client. Both monitors are high resolution 2560x1600 on Windows server and 3840x2160 on Ubuntu client. After initial setup and communication established between client and server, I found that when I move cursor from server machine to client (right to left) the cursor becomes usably sluggish on client. It also won't span move that a small portion of the screen on the client (perhaps only and inch or soon the right where there cursor transitions to the client from the server monitor). I don't know what to look at. Previous versions ( worked fine with higher resolution client but admittedly with lower resolution server (1920x1080) Are there known limitations in resolutions supported by Synergy? Suggestions would be appreciated.

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