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Tobias Dubois

Blocking unrecognized clients

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Tobias Dubois

I have a problem when multiple people on the same local network are using Synergy (1.8.7-stable).

My Synergy session seems to bug out when an unrecognized client is trying to connect to my server.

The mouse pointer on the client is not reacting to input properly, it is lagging severely.

Is there a way in which I can completely block/ignore clients other than my own?


Without SSL enabled I get this log:

[2017-02-08T10:20:35] WARNING: unrecognised client name "CLIENT6301", check server config

[2017-02-08T10:20:35] NOTE: client "CLIENT6301" has disconnected

[2017-02-08T10:20:35] INFO: stopping synergy desktop process

[2017-02-08T10:20:35] INFO: process exited normally


With SSL enabled I see this:

[2017-02-08T10:03:49] NOTE: started server, waiting for clients

[2017-02-08T10:03:49] INFO: OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014

[2017-02-08T10:04:03] ERROR: ssl error occurred (system call failure)

[2017-02-08T10:04:03] ERROR: eof violates ssl protocol

[2017-02-08T10:04:03] INFO: client connection may not be secure

[2017-02-08T10:04:03] ERROR: failed to accept secure socket


The server is running Ubuntu 14.04 and the clients Windows 7. Auto config disabled.

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