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Noel Kurtaran

Mouse is drifting upwards / mouse laggs

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Noel Kurtaran

Hey There,

I am using synergy for about a week now and have had several problems.


I am usually using my MSI Notebook as the server and my macbook pro as a client. The problem with this setup is that the Mouse laggs on the macbook are really bad.

They make it almost unusable.


I tried to change the whole thing and use my macbook as a server and my msi as a client. It works fine. There is just something that is really bad. When I drag my mouse from left to right or right to left something awful happens. The mouse cursor is dragging/drifting upwards. That makes the whole thing unusable.

Here is a little screen capture to make things clear: https://gyazo.com/156cb79198354db64a1a1b315f6894c3


Thanks in advance

All the Best


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