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Andy Wood

WIN 7 to WIN 10 Free to WIN 10 PRO - Synergy Odd behavior

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Andy Wood

Back on Jul 26, 2016, I posted this:




When I first got Synergy, the install and setup was pretty easy and it all worked! Thanks.


I took advantage of the free Win10 upgrade and to make sure, I re-downloaded the latest version of Synergy and even though it worked. I would have to stop and start the Synergy service on the server.


Then there was an update and with that update, the restarting of the service was no longer needed. Thanks!


I then I upgraded my PC and in doing so, I had to upgrade to the latest version of Win10 [aka not the free upgrade but to the Pro version] and then I had to go back to starting and starting the service.


Even with the latest Synergy update, I still have to do the above process to be able to use the remote PC. I can access the remote PC, aka mouse the mouse over to the remote PC, but any mouse clicks or keyboard presses only result with a Windows default sound.


Is there any logs or errors that I can find that might help to lead to what might be preventing the proper functionality of Synergy?



Andy Wood

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