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Erik Turk

Caps Lock not tracked properly in VM on client.

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Erik Turk

Symless staff - I feel for you. There are some twisty problems that I'm sure you have to deal with. Here's mine:


I have two win 10 pc (Desktop and Laptop) both on 1.8.7-stable


Desktop is Synergy Server


Laptop is Synergy Client. In windows on both machines, Symless works great. I love it.


On the laptop, I'm using virtualbox to virtualize an Ubuntu (16.10) vm. When I start using the VM, everything seems to work fine initially. But as I work longer and longer (mostly editing programs in Sublime Text, fyi) , the Caps Lock key begins to lose "tracking" of the Caps state. Sometimes the Caps lock indicator is off, but in the VM, I type (what should be) lowercase letters, and they appear as CAPS. When I switch to a "native" application (like this chrome window) on the windows 10 pc - THE CAPS lock BUTTON works fine. When I go back to the VM, it seems to have "fixed" itself.


I've noticed this a number of times (with different Synergy versions) I'd be happy to provide more info - I really like synergy and think you're doing a great job with the product, and your social media marketing (at least on twitter)



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