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jeroen van gorkum

share K & M between mac and windows, with ubuntu as server?

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jeroen van gorkum

i'm wondering:


i'm looking at Synergy for sharing a keyboard and mouse between windows and mac, to switch back and forth between them, rapidly and frequently. both computers are on my desk, connected to an internal network. i understood that normally, one of them would be set up as the server and the other one as client.


but i also have an ubuntu server (no GUI) running, in another room because of the noise it makes. it has its own display, keyboard and mouse, and is connected to the same internal network. (i don't need to use the win/ mac keyboard and mouse with the ubuntu server, really; i can work on it in a shell from the win or mac box, and i would have to extend ubuntu's video from the other room to my desk, then.)


it would make more sense to me, however, to run the Synergy server on that ubuntu server, because it's always on and has most resources to spare. both windows and mac would be clients in that case.


is such a setup possible with Synergy?

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