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Hello ladies and gents.


Firstly, I *love* your software.


I have a feature request.


I use 3 PCs at my job working from home.

Desktop (DSK) is my primary development machine and has 4 monitors attached. Monitors 1-3 of these are mounted on a stand in a horizontal spanned configuration that Windows 7 sees as a 5760x1080 single "monitor". Monitor 4 is above my center monitor on it's own stand.

Surface pro 4 (SP4) sits on my desktop behind my keyboard directly below my center monitor.

Dell Laptop (DELL) is to the left of my SP4 and sits directly below the left hand monitor of my span.


The physical setup looks something like this.

[blank] [DSK4] [blank]

[DSK1] [DSK2] [DSK3]

[DELL] [ SP4 ] [blank]


The virtual setup through Synergy lools like this


[DSK1] [DSK2] [DSK3]

[DELL] [ SP4 ]


The only issue I have is that I can only get to the DELL "through" the SP4. I tried it on the far left and above, but that results in some mental gymnastics.


I would like a way to tell the program to "split" the area at the bottom of my monitors so if I drop the mouse down from the center of my screens it enters the SP4, and if I drop the mouse down from the left screen it enters the DELL.


Now I understand the issue, since my span is translated as a SINGLE monitor, that makes it difficult, but since you can set up "Dead" areas - I was hoping you might be able to tweak that to serve another need.


Either way I will keep using your software.

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I second this notion - I have a setup with 8 displays - 3 on my primary machine, 1 on secondary, and 2 laptops each with a second display. Approximately what I've shown below:

            [prim3]  [sec1]  [lapB-2] [lapB-1]

[prim1] [prim2] [lapA-2] [lapA-1]

I would buy this again if I could actually make a layout that came close to resembling my physical layout. Input director does a great job for this, but is windows only (laptops are linux/mac, primary/secondary are windows). 

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