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Adam Kramer

Server crashes, OSX, not version related

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Hello! First post here since Synergy has worked more or less just fine for the last 10 years. ;-) I tried reading threads from the last week but they don't seem related. Hopefully someone can help.


My set-up is simple: Two macs running OSX. One is the server, one is the client.


The issue: I just upgraded the client, from an old Mac Pro (early 2009) to a new Mac Mini. After this upgrade the server began crashing whenever I quickly mouse back and forth from screen to screen.


I have:

* Restarted both computers

* Restarted the server / client

* Tried old versions of synergy dating from 1.8.8 (current) all the way back to 1.4.14 (from 2013)

* Tried connecting the computers through ethernet and wifi

* Tried with and without VPN on the server and client

* Tried configuration with the UI (I never used the UI before) instead of a .conf file


Repro steps:

1) Start server (starts normally)

2) Start client (starts normally, connects normally)

3) Mousing over to the client from the server works fine, I can use the client normally

4) Mousing back to the server works fine, I can use the server normally

5) Eventually, mousing from the server back to the client a second time (sometimes it takes longer) will cause the server to freeze (mouse and keyboard become unusable for 4-5 seconds) and die. The logs don't say anything on the server; the client just says "disconnected from server" and then it reconnects.


Hopefully someone has seen this before -- any help appreciated!

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