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Lock screen issues

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I'm having an issue (it's always been an issue) with the lock screen disconnecting the server and client. Here are the steps to recreate the issue:


Synergy 1.8.8

Server is Windows 10 x64 Enterprise

Client is Ubuntu 16.04 x64


1. Both machines are logged in and working normally with Synergy

2. Lock Windows screen with Windows Key + L

3. Move mouse to Ubuntu screen (Cursor disappears for some reason but can still click if you know where it is)

4. Cannot move mouse back to Windows (server)

5. Have to stop Synergy from running on the client to get mouse back to Windows

6. Type password to get past Windows login screen

7. Unplug mouse from server and plug in to client :( :(

8. Start Synergy Service and move mouse (if you don't move the mouse first the cursor will still not be visible on the client!!!!)

9. Move the mouse back to Windows and use normally

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I am having the same issue but I also have a KVM so I don't have to move the mouse. Other wise the issue is the same.  I am running 1.9-stable-2a0225c1 on all windows clients.

Windows 7 Server

Windows 8.1 Client

Windows 10 Client

If I stop the Synergy Server synergyd.exe remotely several times, I can usually get the mouse back to the windows 7 Screen and login in.  Once I log in everything works like it should.


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I have the same issue. Using Synergy 1.9.1. I also tried the 2.0 Beta, same problem. When the server computer locks, if I move the mouse to the client computer, I cannot bring it back. 

This is a show stopper for me, it takes me forever to unlock my screen. Please, find a solution. 



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Yep, same problem here, experienced it for ages with v1.8.8.
I've just upgraded to 1.10.0 on both Win7 server and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed client (using the Debian kit), and still have the same problem. Far from a show-stopper for me, Synergy is the best, but it is a bit of a pain. Keep up the good work Nick 8-)

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