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Mike Buckler

Mac 1.8.8 stable displays obsolete server IP address

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Client using auto config cannot connect because it's trying to use the old address.


For example, yesterday the server was, today it is due to DHCP reassignment but the client is still looking for


The server window displays the old IP address at the top of the window.

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Spent ages writing a detailed response only for the draft to go missing and starting from scratch. So here's the TL;DR version

  1. Delete all the hosts in the Server on the "Configure..." screen
  2. Kill all the synergy clients and server
  3. Delete "~/Library/Saved Application State/synergy.savedState" on each Mac running synergy
  4. Fire up Synergy server, then the client
  5. Reconfigure each client on the server (relative position etc).
  6. Done!


Hope this saves someone else the hassle of a jumping/laggy Synergy setup after the 1.8.8 upgrade. NFI where the "synergy.savedState" file is on Linux/Windows, but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.





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