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I finally found a weak solution...

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In my previous post, I described my difficulty in connecting server with client. It seemed that no-one was able to help.

In continuing to do some other search, I found that I had to manually type in the IP addresses for both computers and configure both PC's and restart them separately.

This instruction was not stated in any of the videos I saw online! On the contrary, they all seem to state that it is a fool-proof installation and start up. NOT TRUE.

But, once I did the manual setup, finally, the server saw the client.

However, it is a weak solution because I cannot transfer files, but the mouse does work. The key strokes are doubled in the client. Can't get a single character keystroke!

Not sure how to fix this problem.

I must say, this program is not easy to setup, in my opinion. Quite bulky if you ask me. By today's standards, maybe not acceptable.

Also, I used a crossover cable, this did not work! I ended up using a CAT 5 Ethernet cable (without the crossover feature). Then connect them to the LAN ports.

So, right now, I am trying to tweak the solution.

I think the architects of this software should develop a solution including ALL the necessary and possible hardware setup explaining the IP address setups on both computers.

I will continue to try and see if it finally works without any more tweaks!!


Thank you.

Al Sosa

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