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Hotkey forwarding

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can someone tell me how I can configurate a:
Hotkey forwarding
with the GUI?!

I try to forward:
CTRL + SHIFT + 1 (numblock)
CTRL + SHIFT + 2 (numblock)
CTRL + SHIFT + 3 (numblock)

From my Server PC (where my Keyboard is connected to) to my Client PC (only 1 Client).
Both running Windows 10 Prof. 64 bit.

So when I press:
CTRL + SHIFT + 1 (numblock)

It's pressing the key on my Server and on the Client aswell (simulating the pressed keys).
The important part is, that I'm on my Server PC with mouse / keyboard.
And when I press the hotkey, it press it on the Server first AND on the Client too (simulate that I would press this keys on the Client).
So I can control software on the Client PC. For example Play/Pause the running music or something.

I tested a bit with this, but it's not working.
I guess it's about CTRL + SHIFT (modificators) aren't supported?
I'm using v1.8.7 right now. I install v1.8.8 soon.

If someone can test if the hotkey get forwarded well on the 1.8.8 please tell me how to configurate it.
Thanks <3 :)

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