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I've noticed a couple of posts regarding connecting lagging . I also have the same problem


My Specs :


CPU : dual xeon cpu 8 core

DESKTOPS : Windows 7 SP1 + Linux ( arch gnome-shell) both machines have the same specs there both dell t5400

RAM : 32gb

HARDRIVES : Client and Server both ssd drives

ETHERNET : 20Mbps Download 10Mbps Up

VERSION : Senergy Pro ( ssl ) enabled


when I download something on the client or server it lags reallly bad. is there any resolution to this problem as its very frustrating .. at times the mouse jumps and is unuseable

I suggest the devs allocating certian bandwidth to the mouse so when the user downloads something the mouse connecting isnt being drained ..

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Hi there,

Unfortunately, if you are using a lot of bandwidth to do other stuff the software will lag. However, this usually should not interfere, have you tried disabling SSL? Also, if you are on SSL both client and server should run the same version and SSL must be enabled on both.

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