Disable Clipboard Sharing for Large Files

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I work with large files in Photoshop etc. frequently and I have noticed that when large image files are on the clipboard as they often are when editing there is quite significant delay when switching between screens. You can see in the log that Synergy is doing some kind of conversion before it sends the clipboard and I assume this contributes to the delay as well as obviously having to share the large clipboard file.


[2017-04-20T18:46:54] INFO: leaving screen

[2017-04-20T18:46:54] INFO: bitmap: 4000x6000 8

[2017-04-20T18:46:54] INFO: convert image from: depth=8 comp=0


It would be great if you could set a limit to the clipboard size, eg. X MB, that synergy will attempt to share!

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