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Michael Roufa

Copy/Paste sometimes fails from Visual Studio to Mac

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Michael Roufa
Synergy 1.7.2 installed on OS X Yosemite client / Windows 8.1 server Having a weird issue where I cannot copy code from Visual Studio on Windows and paste it anywhere on the Mac. As a workaround, I first pasted the code into Notepad++ (on Windows) and then re-copied it to the clipboard. Looking deeper, it looks like a simple Ctrl-C from Visual Studio also pulls in text color, text background color, and font information. I CAN paste into programs that understand that formatting information. For example, the built-in Notes app on OS X allows me to paste, and the pasted text has the same colors as what I selected. But if I attempt to paste into an app that doesn't recognize the color info like MS Outlook or TextWrangler then nothing happens. Thoughts?

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