Holy shit i need help with 3 monitors

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So i basically died trying to get this working on my Raspberry pi as a client, but im still a bit alive lol. Any how, my server (main computer) has 3 monitors. And my 4th monitor is mounted right on top of my 3 monitors. The only down side is when i move my mouse up from either of the 3 monitors it jumps to the Pi's monitor. I do want it to jump up to it, but only from my center monitor not from the 1st and 3rd. 


So from left to right my monitors are [1] [2] [3] and the top one being [4]. Can some one kindly be jesus and make me the config file? Please don't make me do it my self :( 

My monitors res: 1920x1080 = [1] [2] [3], 1280×720 = [4]


Yes i paid $20



Let me be lazy.


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