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I am having issues setting up Hotkeys.  I may not even be using them correctly, I can't find much info on their use.

What I need is the ability to press a button when using one screen, and have that button press duplicated on the other screen.  Specifically, I am trying to use a mouse button for push to talk.

Hotkeys seemed like the way to do this except I haven't gotten them to work.  I have tried many configurations where pressing a key performs the action of pressing the same key on the other (or both) screens.  Any configuration seems to not end up working- OBS does not register the button being pressed unless the screen it is on has focus.  I make sure to apply the new settings each time after stopping the server.  With certain keys it wouldn't work at all but Mouse3 does.


Is this currently possible?  Or is there a workaround that would allow me to broadcast my input?

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