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In Windows (8.1 64 bit) server -> Linux client (Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit) mode...   Synergy generally works very well and is an excellent productivity improvement tool.

However:  Anytime @ Windows lock screen, if the mouse ptr. veers off screen (happens very often) the system locks and reboot is needed.. I upgraded to latest 1.8.8 thinking this incredibly annoying bug would be fixed, it isn't.

The company reqt. is to lock screen anytime away from desk, so unavoidable crashes happen all day... 1. ditch synergy?    2. get bug fixed?

Simple solution could be to (on server lock screens) limit the mouse motion to area around authentication box, or at least to immediate screen.  I can see the keyboard context switches to Linux (the mouse doesn't) and there is no way to get back to server lock screen.

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