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Connection Server Refused Client Name

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This really feels like a product not ready for a mass market, I bought this software thinking it would make my life easier, instead I've spent way too long troubleshooting a product that I can't get too work at all that was sold as having an easy setup. I've tried turning off all virus software and renaming my PC's and following a bunch of tutorials and troubleshooting info and still nothing, pretty much every turn the server won't except the client, the only thing left I can think of is that I have a second wired modem splitting out wired connections to other hardware that could be causing a confusion? If anyone could help I'd appreciate it as there doesn't seem to be any customer service I can see?

P.S. Also the auto config on either system wont download or install Bonjour for some reason?

I'll attach a couple logs from a typical experience (unfortunately I don't have logs from my original setup attempts as they don't save as default but if anyone wants me to replicate any steps hit me up, I'll check back here at regular intervals).


synergy client.log

synergy server.log

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