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My Server Computer has 2 monitors and the Server does seem to see the Laptop and Vice Versa.  But I can not access the laptop with the server's mouse.  My Laptop does not have an external Monitor.  Only the monitor that came with the laptop.  What must I do to get these two computers to work together.

The server computer is using Windows 10 64bit and the Laptop is using Window 7 32bit.

If anyone has any suggestion on how to get these two to work, please help me.



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Hi Pueo! We're sorry to hear that. Please send us a screenshot of your server configuration. You should see that by clicking Configure Server on Synergy's user interface.

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Here are the screen shot of the server computer and the Client (Laptop) and the setting to run it as a client.




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Hi Pueo. Please do the steps below.


Start with configuring the server.

  1. Ensure that the Server checkbox is ticked.
  2. Click on the Configure Server button.
  3. You can get started on adding your client.
  4. You now should see the Screens and Links tab.
  5. Drag a new screen down from the icon in the top right.
  6. Place the screen relative to the server screen in the center.
  7. Double click on the new unnamed screen.
  8. Change the unnamed name to match the client computer.
  9. Click OK to close the Screen Settings window.
  10. The Server Configuration page should show the new screen.

Now that you've added a client, hit OK to take you back to the main screen. You can then click Apply in the bottom right of the window to start the server which will wait for a client to connect. 


Now the server is set up it's time to move on to the client.

  1. Ensure that the Client checkbox is ticked.
  2. Enter the Servers IP address into the Server IP box. (This is the bold IP address on the servers window)
  3. Click Apply to save the configuration.

Now that you've set the client up to connect to the server, hit Start to get it to connect to the server, then wait for it to show it's connected to the server in the feed at the bottom of the window.

This can also be found on our Knowledge Base.


Aloha Paul!

It did not work the first time but I tried again it has connected to the server and it works fine.

Thank you for your Help!!




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It's great to hear that @Pueo! You're welcome. Cheers! :)

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