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Unusable on windows 10 creator update

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Issue: mouse hangs / movement is blocked 

First I thought it must be my network connection (the windows pc is the slave), but even when not connected to a master, movement is blocked / hanging. (there are seconds going by before I can move the mouse). Uninstalling Synergy solved the issue. (which appeared right after installing Synergy)


- detected it right after upgrade to windows 10 creator update

- still present on clean windows 10 creator update installation (yes I did a format-C :) )

- the windows pc is a slave, while a macbook pro is the master.


I had to uninstall Synergy to be able to use my machine again.

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Wanted to add, that using the windows 10 pc as master does not cause the same issues.

(I found the mac to windows mapping more friendly than the reverse)

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