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I have recently started using synergy to connect my local macbook (server) with 2 external displays to a windows machine (client) which also has 2 displays. 

In the synergy config, there doenst appear to be anything which identifies the individual screens on the machines, and thus configure their arrangement. The windows machines are stacked vertically and the mac screens horizontally (with the laptop open beneath one of them). 

When I move the mouse from mac -> windows it moves at the right hand side of the right monitor to the top screen on the windows machine. However, when I move back from windows -> mac the cursor jumps to the right hand side of the left mac screen (ie the middle of the 2 screens). This behaviour makes it quite confusing. Ideally I would be able to map all 5 displays in synergy and then it would move seamlessly at the right point.

Its not a huge issue, but would definitely make the tool much better imho. Its still pretty awesome without it though, so thanks!

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