Hi folks,   We have fixed the wifi mouse lag bug on macOS!   Download Synergy 1.9 here:   https://symless.com/synergy/downloads   Contact us if you don't have S1:   https://symless.com/contact   List of bug fixes and enhancements: v1.9.0-rc3 - Updated 10th May 2017 Bug #4132 - Laggy mouse cursor on macOS clients
Bug #5901 - Stored serial key corrupted on macOS
Bug #5757 - Failure to build against OpenSSL v1.1.0
Bug #5467 - Failing to automatically download and install Bonjour
Enhancement #5389 - Ported GUI to Qt 5
Enhancement #4978 - Windows: Added support for Visual Studio 2015
Enhancement #5398 - Windows: Updated OpenSSL dependency to 1.0.2k More information on this release:
Synergy v1.9.0 marks the start of our efforts to modernise and restabilise the codebase.
The v1.9 release series will intentionally focus on bug fixes only. We want to improve the reliability of our core functionality. Other than the changes listed below, there are no functional changes in v1.9.0 (from v1.8.8).
We strongly encourage all users to upgrade from previous versions.   Please send us your feedback to help us fix any new issues. As no further v1.8 releases will be made, we need to know as soon as possible if you are having issues in v1.9.0 that you did not have in v1.8.8. We will only declare v1.9.0 stable when we are convinced it is as stable, or even more stable, than v1.8.8. Once this has been achieved, later revisions (v1.9.1, v1.9.2, etc.) will focus on fixing known issues affecting all prior versions. Thanks,