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I am running Synergy server on a Linux Gnome 3 installation and client on a Windows 10 installation. Both installations are multi-language and have SHIFT+ALT mapped to 'switch keyboard language'. When switched to the Windows client, this combination does nothing, except that sometimes it completely messes up Synergy and I have to kill the client to get my keyboard back.


I suspect the issue is that the X server is intercepting the SHIFT-ALT combination before it gets a chance to reach the Synergy server program.


Any way to workaround this? Either to switch language on both installations or the currently active one?


Thanks, best regards! Panos

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Hi @Panos. Can you try using v1.9.0 instead? You can get it from this link.

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Thank you very much for your reply! I have tried v.1.9.0. (rc3 I think) Let me better describe my problem:


I have two screens, call them A (Linux server) and B (Windows client). Both have SHIFT+ALT mapped to switch between English and Greek input. I have also setup the following hotkeys:

CTRL-ALT-RIGHTARROW = switch to screen B

CTRL-ALT-LEFTARROW = switch to screen A


As far as I know these key combinations are language-agnostic.


Now, a minimal test-case:

a) Start with cursor on screen A (Linux server) and English Keyboard.

b) Switch to Greek.

c) Press CTRL-ALT-RIGHTARROW to get to B (Windows client).

d) Now the cursor is on B, layout on A is still Greek, and: layout icon in B shows up as English... but as soon as I start to type it switches to Greek and typed letters are in Greek. So far, so good.

e1) Press CTRL-ALT-LEFTARROW to get back to A. Nothing happens.

e2) Press SHIFT-ALT to switch to English (remember we are still on B). Nothing happens.


At this point the only way to get back to A or switch keyboard input, is to use the mouse to switch screens.


Hope this description helps.

Best regards! Panos



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