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Well, I've had a few issues with some features in synergy/synergy pro. This one being the drag and drop file transfers. I don't expect to transfer huge files between the Server and client (and client to server) I've tried small photo files/documents. While trying posting about another issue with SSL, I was asked to put the systems into Debug 1 mode and while doing so I tried a small file transfer between the server to client. While reading the debugger it said that "file transfer failed" but it never attempted to move the file. I dragged to the edge of the screen and it drops it back where I got it from like nothing happened. I've tried cutting/copying and pasting the file onto the Client and it said there was nothing to paste. I'm attaching the 2 debugger documents from that test. If more is required to figure out how to get this feature working (which i recall being a feature when purchasing).




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