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Multiple monitor setup


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Hey all, I have found a workaround for those of us with certain monitor layouts, like my 3x server and 1x client centered above. By saving and editing a server configuration file, I was able force the corner size to the width of my outer monitors, making synergy ignore them completely. Here are steps to do this, all on the server:

  1. Select File > "Save configuration as..." and save the file somewhere. Easiest to use .sgc extension though it doesn't force you.
  2. Open the file in a text editor, and find this line:
    switchCornerSize = 0


  3. Change to desired width on one side. I have 3x 1920x1080, so I used corner size 1920.

  4. Change the server to "Use existing configuration" and point to the file and apply it.

You'll of course have to redo this anytime you want to change your settings interactively since it's validated anytime you open/accept the configure screen, but hopefully will hold you over until v3.

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hello, i have 6 monitors and have a question on setup...

PC (host/server for synergy), this has 4 monitors

Macbook this has 2 monitors (macbook monitor + external monitor)

the macbook is above the far left monitor for my pc.

yellow circle is PC (synergy server)

Blue circle in picture is Mac

what should my dead corner check boxes be and the corner size?

and should the mac be above the pc in the screens and links box?



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I would really like to see a feature implemented that would recognize the Synergy server/host monitors as separate screens for the layout. I understand Synergy is a very inexpensive tool, but this feature should at least be included in the "Pro" version (which I've purchased). Seems like a very crucial feature to include when so many of us have multiple screens now... What would it take?

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  • 2 months later...

I have the exact same problem. Now I have to travel to the right most monitor and move my mouse to bottom dead corner to switch screen. I think this issue deserves a priority and Synergy 1 Pro users would definitely want this ASAP since 3 is planned to be released in 2023. 

Correct me if I'm wrong. 

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