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Mouse clicks not properly registered

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User 1 - MacBook 13'' 10.11.6, Synergy Server
User 2 - MacMini 10.10.5, Synergy Client

Issue - Mouse clicks are not registered on Skype (Synergy Client side).

Preconditions - Synergy Client side is in an active Skype call.

Steps - click outside Skype window to force call monitor to open. Click on mute button in call monitor. Click in Skype again.

Expected behaviour - as soon as user clicks inside Skype main window, call monitor should disappear, clicks should be properly registered inside Skype window.

Note - I have a recording of this behaviour that I will not post publicly, but can privately send to the developer, since it contains private information.


I can provide any information necessary, the bug is 100% reproducible. Talked with Skype developers, there is nothing that can be done on their side, this is on you, Synergy.

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No private messages, no public messages, that's some nice tech support. You do realise that no response whatsoever makes your customers feel ignored?

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