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Mac client auto-config choosing the wrong server IP

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My server machine has two active network interfaces. A WiFi connection, and a physical ethernet connection. My server is connected to my test/client machines by ethernet only, however on the client machines, if I leave "Auto config" checked, they seem somehow to be detecting the WiFi IP address, and trying to connect using that. Since they cannot talk to the server via the WiFi address, then this is confusing things. I believe the issue is that the clients are finding the server via bonjour or some other subnet based thing, and then asking the server what address it's at. Unfortunately this winds up choosing the wifi address which my clients cannot see. If instead it asked for the full list of addresses (and then the clients could choose which to use), or if it even just asked for the machine name (i.e. server-name.local) or something like that, that would work dandy. Is this something that could be added? It's not a really big deal, but... would sure be nice to be able to use the auto-config option :)

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