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Hi everyone! I know SSL has caused some issues, and I could talk about why, or I could tell you how to keep 1.7.2 working until 1.7.3 comes out. It does work, but some platforms (I'm looking at you, 7) have awkward error recovery and there are some simple steps you can take to recover Synergy after failure. It crashed, but I don't like to leave it crashed! When Synergy Crashes Windows keeps a hold of some pieces of it instead of letting the crash go. After crashes, such as the SSL handshake error others have experienced on Windows 7 follow these steps in this order precisely: 1) Close Synergy on the Client. 2) On the server, end the process "synergys.exe from Task Manager. It will relaunch itself. This is fine. 3) Close Synergy on the Server. It will complain. Tell it you are the boss and say [b]close[/b]. 4) Count to 5 5) Done counting. Reopen Synergy (on the Server) and disable "SSL Encryption" (Edit -> Settings) This allows you to register your product, use SSL, using Synergy Pro with Synergy Basic (by disabling SSL), and recover from crashes on operating systems that have terrible error recovery. [b]I can not guarantee this fix on every single system in existence.[/b] It worked for me, it will most likely work for a lot of people on the same OS. If it does not work for you let me know and I will see if there is something I missed. Happy keyboard/mouse sharing! -Ben

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