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I enjoy Synergy, and I am happy to have purchased it. That being said, I was very hesitant about purchasing Synergy.

I know the cost of the program is relatively low, but not having a trial is a real turn off. I just thought I'd add my voice to those suggesting a trial version.

Also, being able stream audio output from clients to the server's speakers would be a nice addition. I know you can do this with other programs, but having one program to do it all would be brilliant.

Cheers, and well done on the program!

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The free trial version is not available at this time but we'll be adding this to our website soon.

For streaming audio output feature request, there's an open issue on GitHub for it. I have added that third paragraph you wrote on that open issue page.

You can checkĀ Share audio from one computer to another #4190.

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