Clip board sharing and file drag and drop not workiong

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I have two windows 10 machines that I have installed synergy on today and I cant get the copy paste and file transfer to work for either machines both running windows 10

Here is the log:

[2017-06-18T20:09:28] NOTE: client "THESAXONPROJECT" has connected

[2017-06-18T20:09:39] INFO: screen "Tauriel" grabbed clipboard 0 from "Tauriel"

[2017-06-18T20:09:39] INFO: screen "Tauriel" grabbed clipboard 1 from "Tauriel"

[2017-06-18T20:09:46] INFO: switch from "Tauriel" to "THESAXONPROJECT" at 0,602

[2017-06-18T20:09:46] INFO: leaving screen


It seems grab two items when I press the copy button on a simple jpg.

I have made sure that the server has the boxes checked to enable these features.


Can anybody help, this was one of the only reasons why I bought synergy :(


Thanks Cameron

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