This kinda works, but it has a problem with mac Spaces. If you have different spaces on each screen, the dock will move and "down" will only work on your main monitor. I have a monitor setup like this:         MMM MMM MMMM MMM MMM MMMM WWW WWW WWW WWW   Where M is MAC and W is Windows. The Server runs on Mac. I have five monitors in total: 222 333 1111 222 333 1111 444 555 444 555   Monitor 1,2,3 are MAC, monitor 4,5 is Windows.  The problem is, monitor 1,2,3 have "different spaces". When having different spaces, you can full-screen netflix on one monitor, and still work on the others - this is a very normal mac setup. But, with different spaces comes a movable Dock. If i configure Synergy to go DOWN from mac to windows and UP from windows to mac, nothing happens on screen 2 or 3 - but screen 1 will go to screen 4/5 AFTER the dock has moved to either 2 or 3. When i go UP on windows (4 & 5), it will ALWAYS go to screen 1 on mac. This is extremely confusing and pretty much not usable. Also, in this setup "RIGHT" on mac (1,2,3) is ALWAYS only right on monitor 3 for some reason - its not possible for me to set 60% of right on monitor 1 to go to windows. Most of these problems would probably be fixable if synergy worked with monitors and not only "entities/computers". @Paul Suarez - got any hints for my setup?   I would be happy if just movement from 2 & 3 worked seamless to 4 & 5. Unfortuanetly going from 4 & 5 and UP, returns me to screen 1 - and moving the mouse down on 2 & 3, just moves the dock