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Drag-n-Drop Not Enabled on Ubutnu Client & Other Issues

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Sever is Win10 running v1.8.8-stable-25a8cb2

Client is Ubutnu 16.04 LTS running v1.8.2-stable-36cd521

DND is not working.  Tried the trick in previous post/thread to set logging to Debug 1 on both machines.  Did not work... but did see a nifty error on the Ubuntu/Client machine which said something like "Drag and Drop not Enabled".  So then I went to try and find the log file in /var/log/ and the file is not there.  So I manually created the file (via touch) and then chmod to 777 and chown to me.  (I mention this only b/c some newbie may not know why the file is not being created.)  Log-file is now being generated.  Yea!  I notice this cool error on the Ubuntu/Client machine when trying to drag and drop a file.

[2017-06-28T11:22:37] DEBUG1: ignoring X error: 8
[2017-06-28T11:22:37] DEBUG: drag drop not enabled, ignoring drag info.
[2017-06-28T11:22:44] DEBUG1: recv mouse up id=1

I would attach the log files but they are not allowed.  Debug 1 produces many many many lines.  Not sure anyone wants to read them as a graphic.  Please advise if you need more info to diagnose.

Many thanks.


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Hi @Jimmy B. We don't support drag and drop on Linux machines (yet). Though our developers are on "All hands on deck mode" for it to have that supported. Though we can't provide an ETA yet, rest assured that we are doing our best to make this happen. :)

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