Will not start "INFO: watchdog status: error"

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[2017-07-03T01:46:51] INFO: starting new process

[2017-07-03T01:46:51] INFO: activeDesktop:Default

[2017-07-03T01:46:51] INFO: starting new process

[2017-07-03T01:46:51] INFO: drag and drop enabled

[2017-07-03T01:46:51] FATAL: unknown screen name `GToop429'

[2017-07-03T01:46:52] ERROR: failed to launch, error: process immediately stopped

[2017-07-03T01:46:52] INFO: backing off, wait=2s, failures=1


After I start the server, it will loop this over and over.

OS: Windows 10

Tried reinstalling, running as admin, checked firewall settings. Same result

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