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Hi there,

I have not used the 1st version of Synergy and therefore might not have a full understanding of how its supposed to work. I installed the Synergy 2.0 beta on two machines, both Windows 10, 64bit, connected through WiFi. The two machines are an MSI laptop, which was assigned as a server, and a Lenovo YogaBook laptop/tablet (client).

The Lenovo tablet has a cool keyboard which can turn into a drawing pad of sorts, and I wanted to use drawing software on my MSI in combination with the drawing pad on the Lenovo. However, because I installed Synergy on the MSI first, it automatically set it as the server, and I can't use the input from the Lenovo on the MSI. It looks like changing the server/client roles is not a feature yet, so I tried uninstalling software on both systems and reinstalling in the correct order, however that didn't work as the systems and their roles seemed to have been saved somewhere. Whether saved in cloud or on one of my systems I can't tell.

Is there a way to clear out these settings so I can assign the correct server/client roles to both systems?

TL;DR server/client roles are switched around, reinstalling didn't help, what do?

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Hey Paul,

Thanks for the reply! Yes, that solved that, I can control use Lenovo inputs to control the MSI. The actual drawing pad doesn't really work as I hoped it would, but I can't exactly complain about lack of "Lenovo Yoga Book Support" in the beta xD I'll leave the details through in case you ever run out of bugs to fix ;)

There are two things that happen:

> Either I can't control MSI with drawing pad mode since I can't technically move the cursor outside the screen since the drawing pad is mapped (?) to the screen


> I move the cursor to MSI with mousepad first, then use drawing pad. In this case the cursor only move vertically and only on the very left side of the screen (and seems to obtain hyper sensetivity)

Is it somehow possible to lock it so that I can only control the MSI screen with the Lenovo mouse/drawing pad? I feel like that might get me closer to the solution...?

Otherwise, thank you for the quick reply and I look forward to seeing the beta grow ^_^

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This might be very tricky @Polina since a mouse is different from a drawing pad in being an input device. Same thing goes with using Synergy with a regular computer with mouse and  computer with touchscreens that can be used as input as well. But let's see what we can do about it. We might be able to find a way in the future for it to work. Though I'm not and I can't promise you anything, this feature would really make Synergy more cool if supported. :)

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