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Looking forward to seeing the full release of Synergy 2, however, for now, I must remain on 1.8.

Switch keyboard bindings (missing feature?) - I assume this is still in development, but need to switch my "super" and "ctrl" keys when on my MacBook's screen.

I use mouse buttons and better touch tool to move left or right through MacOS' spaces (desktops). Since updating to 2.0, a single press of the mouse button causes it to move two spaces along, so I assume the mouse button is being pressed twice on the client. (For reference, mouse buttons 3 and 4)


From my brief time using 2.0, I would say the goal of making things easier is certainly on the way to being achieved. The setup worked flawlessly.

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Thank you for the great feedback @Rob5Underscores! We really appreciate it. :)

Things like these are inevitable. One important role of the beta phase is for us to see what users need that we might have missed or we might have done wrong.

As Einstein said before - "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

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