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Share one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

1) possiblity with Incompatibilty issues with platforms of windows

2) Synergy was removed from all systems
3) latest vr. was re installed to all systems
-and set with compatibilty of win 7/ & 8
-Still same issue
4) Is there any know issues with win 10/7/ ?
5) I have the lateset Installer right from web site

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I don't think that it's a compatibility issue @bill gordon. I am using 2 Windows 10 machines and one that has a dual boot (Windows 7 and Ubuntu 16.04) and they call connect fine even with switching roles on them.

For us to further diagnose this issue, please provide more details about your machines (OS, 32/64 bit, Synergy version installed, connected to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, specify which one is the server). Also, post a screenshot of both machine's Synergy interface and the Server Configuration interface on your server machine. 

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