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How can I set synergy to start automatically when I turn on my MacBook Pro? I think there used to be a setting for this as the application did start automatically for me on my old AirBook, but I've reinstalled on a new MacBook Pro and can't find a setting to auto start at login.

I'm running Sierra version 10.12.6.

I'm running Synergy version 1.8.8-stable-25a8cb2

Build Date March 16th, 2017

Everything else works fine. Just can't find an start at login setting.



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Hi @Peter Rausch

In OSX 10.8 and older, you can use a plist through launchd. There's also an example of this method in the source code.

There is not currently a known way to do this in OSX 10.9 or newer. In all versions of OSX, you can have the user login automatically, and set Synergy as a Login Item, which will have it start up upon user login.

How to make Synergy run automatically at startup - Mac

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