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I have 3 monitors.   The center one is an ultrawide.   When I'm working I switch the center monitor to my work computers input.   The side monitors are still showing the server inputs.

Currently I have to pass my mouse through the middle monitor on the server (that I can't see).   From left to right - server, server (not displayed on monitor), server, client.  multimon.thumb.png.39fff2be38ae5fd75fa8a15ca36c4d26.png 


I'd like to have Synergy 'ignore' this middle monitor on the server and allow me to move the mouse from left to right - server - client - server.   Is this possible?   I read the other multiple monitor thread but couldn't see how to apply that. 

I'm getting by with hot key switching, but thought I'd ask.   Attaching a picture that hopefully helps explain what I'm trying to do.


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