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Computers can't connect - Duplicate screen name

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I had two computers with the same name and even though i have changed name for one of them i still can't connect

Here is log from computer which experience name conflict (the other one just can't connect because of time out's)

[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:48] WARNNIG: no font file: Raleway.otf
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:48] INFO: log filename: C:/Users/Komo/AppData/Local/Symless/Synergy/synergy.log
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:49] DEBUG: new added screen pos: 257 161
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:50] DEBUG: Profile ID: 1299 name: default
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:51] DEBUG: current version is update to date
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:51] INFO: write configuration file complete
[Core] [2017-08-18T21:00:51] INFO: drag and drop enabled
[Core] [2017-08-18T21:00:51] DEBUG: opening configuration "C:/Users/Komo/AppData/Local/Symless/Synergy/synergy.conf"
[Core] synergys.exe: no configuration available
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:51] ERROR: [2017-08-18T21:00:51] ERROR: cannot read configuration "C:/Users/Komo/AppData/Local/Symless/Synergy/synergy.conf": read error: line 16: duplicate screen name "Komo-PC"
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:51] ERROR: process exited with error code: 4
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:54] DEBUG: connectivity test pass:
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:54] DEBUG: report to cloud: destId 2786 successfulIp failedIp 
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:54] DEBUG: connectivity test pass:
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:54] DEBUG: report to cloud: destId 2787 successfulIp failedIp 
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:54] INFO: Sending log file...
[ UI ] [2017-08-18T21:00:56] INFO: Upload path: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/2017-08-18/1191-2017-08-18T21-00-54.log

Server Computer : Windows 7 Ultimate x64



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